It's Bimmy! The leader of the Pillow Fighters, Bimmy is the brave, cunning, martial arts guru... With an attitude. Bimmy is always keeping his eyes open for danger and keeping Qwerty and Jimothy out of trouble.


It's Qwerty! The smarty pants, technology loving, comic book reading nerd. When the Pillow Fighters need help they can always count on Qwerty's brain to save the day.


It's Jimothy! The derpiest of all the Pillow Fighters, he's always trying his best... But usually just needs a hug. I mean look at him! Keep this little guy around to make you smile from his random antics and unconditional love.  



It's Danny! The chill little boy who cares for, teaches and trains the Pillow Fighters. Danny helps in their adventures by making Bimmy, Qwerty & Jimothy whatever suits or weapons they'll need. Fun fact: Danny's first toy as a baby was Bimmy!